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Poster flop

30 Sep 2011

I gave my first fancy poster yesterday, at MathBio3.

I was hoping to use the experience as an opportunity to talk about how great poster sessions can be, and to refer to Terry Speed’s old IMS bulletin column in praise of poster sessions [pdf], and then to go on to discuss how, for me, the interpersonal interactions at poster sessions are rather awkward. (For example, if you look at someone’s poster for a while, with the presenter standing there watching you, are you obliged to ask a question, or can you slink off?)



My first fancy poster

16 Sep 2011

I’m preparing my first large-format poster (for the MathBio3 conference, here in Madison in two weeks). Previously, my posters had just been on a series of pieces of regular paper. (Consider, for example, this poster from September, 1998.) But no one does that anymore, and I don’t want to stand out as being archaic. That is, I want to pretend to be modern.

Here’s my draft: