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Muted startup

26 Jan 2012

It annoys me when my computer (or, even more, someone else’s computer) makes a gratuitous noise upon startup.

While I know that, on my Mac, I can avoid the sound by either muting before shutdown or holding down the mute button while starting it up, I often forget. And I am especially prone to forgetting when it’s most important that the computer be quiet.

So, I was very interested to read how to disable the start up sound at lifehacker.

It’s nice and easy. Here are the scripts I use; the instructions are in the comments at the top of each file.



27 Oct 2011

A cute and useful menu bar application for Macs: Caffeine, available in the App store.

If you click the little coffee cup in your menu bar (so that it’s full), it will prevent your Mac from displaying its screen saver or dimming its screen. This is especially useful when you’re giving a talk.

Resizing windows in Lion

14 Oct 2011

I upgraded my Macs to Lion; my favorite improvement is that we can now resize windows from any edge or corner.

(Previously, you could only change the size from the lower-right corner, so I often found myself resizing and moving and then resizing and moving and then…. Why did it take so long for them to do it properly?)