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Child abuse and neglect is cancelled today

29 Nov 2012

On a classroom door:

The Hopkins SPH logo, part 2

21 Nov 2012

Last week, I wrote about the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health logo. I now present part 2 of the story.

Hopkins SPH had done some fancy renovations of part of the building, including an important new feature, the “Wall of Wonder“: a big display composed of nine LCD screens in the atrium of the building, to display various PR type stuff. (“Wall of Wonder” (WOW) is the official name! Consider the Wall of Wonder policies, inspired by the events I detail below.) Here’s a photo:


Wireless router woes

20 Nov 2012

I had problems with my internet connection at home this morning. The usual things didn’t work, but an unusual thing did work, so I thought I’d write about it.

My internet connection worked last night, but it didn’t work this morning. I did the usual things: turn off the cable modem and the wireless router, and then turn them back on again. Turn off the computer and then turn it back on again, and then power cycle the modem and router again. Go to network settings and renew the DHCP. None of that worked.

I called the cable company, to see if there was a problem on their end. An automated system talked me through the whole turn on/off modem, router and computer. (I stuck through the whole thing, hoping there might be a trick at the end, but no luck.) I talked to a tech support person, who had me do the same things again; no luck. (He did suggest that I call to ask to get a better deal on my services, which I later did, with success, so he made the call worth my time.)

After getting off the phone with him (and after the kids were out of the house), I tried it all again, and then tried bypassing the router: plugging the computer straight into the cable modem. I then had internet, so I could see it was a router problem.

And I could do google searches, but search for “router internet connection problem” or such things, and you get 19 million pages that all seem to say to do what I’d already done and no more. (I didn’t read all 19 million, though.)

Finally, I found this page at this Cisco site, on connecting a Linksys router to a cable modem, which suggests enabling “clone my PC’s MAC address”. I tried that, and it worked! (My next plan was to reset the router to the factory settings, after first doing screen shots of all of the settings, so I could get back to how I wanted them; I’m glad I didn’t have to do that.)

I don’t know why that worked. I’ve never done that before, and the router worked perfectly fine last night. What could have changed over night? Did the cable company change some setting on their end?

What a fun way to spend two hours! At least, in the end, I cut 25% off my monthly cable bill.

The Hopkins SPH logo, part 1

16 Nov 2012

I was just telling a distinguished visitor a few of my various stories about the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health logo. She suggested that it would be a great blog topic. And now that I’m a tenured faculty member at a different university and so can’t get into any [further] trouble over this…

Here’s the logo:

The logo was newly released while I was a faculty member in the Department of Biostatistics at Hopkins. It was part of a “branding” effort for the school that was a near-constant source of amusement for me, though I think I did strain an eye muscle or two from all the rolling.

When the logo was first revealed to the faculty, the website describing it (which was not unlike the current pedantic website describing the rules for its use) mentioned the “flame of leaning” rather than “of learning.” I made the tactical error of pointing this out to the web folks, so it was fixed before we had sufficient time to make fun of it.

In addition, the day the logo was revealed, someone said it looked like the logo for some religious organization. A google search for “globe flame logo” instantly revealed the logo for Missionary Church:

Can the similarity be due to chance?

There’s more to come on the logo.

And if you really care about the JHBSPH logo, be sure to pay close attention to the list of Incorrect Logo Usages.

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